Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Calendar 2022

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The Government of India (GoI)-introduced Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) has been announced for the year 2022. The list of SGB announcements for 2022 will be made periodically by the government, and this article will be updated accordingly. Please feel free to browse around and check out the articles for the individual tranches, whenever they are announced.

SGB 2022 Calendar i.e. Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Application and Issuance Dates for 2022

Sr. NoSecurity SymbolApplication Starts OnApplication Ends OnSGB Issuance DateOffline Issue Price (₹ per gm)Online/Digital Issue Price (₹ per gm)Tranche
01SGB212208January 10, 2022January 14, 2022January 18, 2022₹ 4,786 per gram₹ 4,736 per gram2021-22 Series IX
02SGB212209February 28, 2022March 04, 2022March 08, 2022₹ 5,109 per gram₹ 5,059 per gram2021-22 Series X
03SGB222301June 20, 2022June 24, 2022June 28, 2022₹ 5,091 per gram₹ 5,041 per gram2022-23 Series I
04SGB222302August 22, 2022August 26, 2022August 30, 2022₹ 5,197 per gram₹ 5,147 per gram2022-23 Series II
05SGB222303December 19, 2022December 23, 2022December 27, 2022₹ 5,409 per gram₹ 5,359 per gram2022-23 Series III


So, feel free to bookmark the dates for the application dates and issuance dates of the Sovereign Gold Bonds for 2022. The detailed data on the SGB 2021 dates have previously dated, and will continue to update for 2022 as well.


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