Diwali Muhurat Trading [Everything you wanted to know: 2023 Edition]

Diwali Muhurat Trading


Hello there. You may have chanced upon this article in case you may have wanted to know about the special trading day called “Diwali Muhurat Trading” day, and/or had one of the following doubts viz.

  • What is Muhurat Trading?
  • What is the origin story for this special day of trading, which is not seen in any other country’s stock exchanges
  • What date/time can I carry out Muhurat trading this year.

This article hopefully will answer your question. So, let’s begin…

What is Diwali Muhurat Trading?

Diwali Muhurat Trading is a special day during the festival of Diwali, when the Indian stock exchanges (viz. the NSE, and the BSE) have a special one (01) hour symbolic trading session, in the evening (during the non-working hours).

On this day, it is generally considered auspicious to buy stocks, as a tribute to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

What date is Diwali Muhurat Trading this year?

This year, the trading session will be on 12th November 2023 (TBC).

  • Start of Muhurat trading Session: TBC
  • End of Muhurat trading session: TBC

However, do note that there is no trading during the usual 0915-1530 hours on the day of the Muhurat trading.

History of the practice

There is no documented history of the origin of the Muhurat Trading. But, the speculation is that this may have started eons ago, when the traders, and brokers (who were mainly Marwari, and Gujarati) would make symbolic purchases of the companies they wished to hold for a long time. Also, word-of-mouth accounts indicate that Diwali was considered auspicious to start new trading accounts for prospective clients as well. Hence, this could also be the origin story. However, no documented records indicate the actual story.


Hopefully, this article answers any of the questions that you (the reader) may have had about this unique practice of Muhurat trading. If interested, feel free to check out the other wiki articles, or how-to guides on our website.

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