Here’s how to check the IPO allotment status for 2021 IPOs!

Introduction: How to check for the IPO allotment:

After applying for IPOs, the next step in every applicant’s mind is to check the allotment (whether he/she has received allotment). This post aims to list all the methods to check IPO allotment of 2021 IPOs.

Method 1: Check IPO allotment of 2021 IPOs through the RTAs

The IPO allotment status can be gotten by checking on the IPO registrar’s official website link for the allotment. Feedback indicates that this is the best method, but yes, on the date of allotment, there will be issues with websites (viz. some users not getting data, page not opening etc etc.).

You can search for your choice of IPO in the “Search” option to arrive quickly at the link. The last column will list the direct hyperlink to the IPO registrar’s website to directly check the IPO allotment status.

Check IPO allotment 2021 IPOs

IPO NameIPO Allotment Status
Zomato IPOCheck Zomato IPO Allotment
Suryoday Small Finance Bank IPOCheck Suryoday Small Finance Bank IPO allotment
Nazara Technologies IPOCheck Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment
Kalyan Jewellers IPOCheck Kalyan Jewellers IPO Allotment
Laxmi Organic IPOCheck Laxmi Organic IPO Allotment
Craftsman Automation IPOCheck Craftsman Automation IPO Allotment
Anupam Rasayan IPOCheck Anupam Rasayan IPO allotment
Easy Trip Planners IPO (EaseMyTrip IPO)Check EaseMyTrip IPO allotment
MTAR Technologies IPOCheck MTAR Technologies IPO allotment
Heranba Industries IPOHeranba Industries IPO allotment
RailTel Corporation of India Limited IPO (RailTel IPO)Check RailTel IPO allotment
Nureca Limited IPOCheck Nureca Limited IPO Allotment
Brookfield India Real Estate Trust REIT IPO (Brookfield India REIT IPO)Check Brookfield India REIT IPO Allotment
Stove Kraft IPOCheck Stove Kraft IPO allotment
Home First Finance IPOCheck Home First Finance IPO allotment
Indigo Paints IPOCheck Indigo Paints IPO Allotment
Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPO (IRFC IPO)Check IRFC IPO allotment

Method 2: [Check IPO allotment of 2021 IPOs through NSE or BSE]

The first method to check the allotment status is through the stock exchanges.

Most of the IPOs are listed on either or both of the below exchanges:

  • Only on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), OR
  • Both NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

Feedback from users indicate that the getting information from the exchanges is not conducive due to a host of reasons (either needing to create an account with NSE to check the status, OR the allotment status being uploaded with a significant delay).

Nevertheless, here are the links to check the IPO allotment status on BSE [link], and NSE [link] (you need to have a login account with NSE to proceed with the NSE option).

Method 3: Postal Mail and/or Email Intimation of the IPO allotment

In case you are patient, you will get an email from the IPO registrar with the details of allotment. Most registrars also dispatch a physical letter as well by snail mail.

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