[Step-by-Step Guide]: How to apply for Equity Shares buyback through Zerodha

How to tender shares for buyback through Zerodha and how to apply for shares buyback through Zerodha


Welcome to this article on how to apply for buyback OR tender buyback shares through Zerodha. Buyback, as you might know is one of the methods a company (listed/unlisted) uses to return excess cash reserves back to the shareholder.

Can you apply for equity shares buyback /tender equity shares through Zerodha?

Yes. You can apply for equity shares back / tender equity shares through Zerodha through this simple 3 (three) step process. This process will take a maximum of 15 minutes of your time. Please note that the buyback process through Zerodha will work ONLY in the offer window period. No applications will be accepted before/after the offer window period.

Step-by-Step Guide for tendering shares in buyback process through Zerodha

Time needed: 15 minutes

  1. Visit the Corporate Actions Section of Zerodha Console

    ◦ Visit the following link https://console.zerodha.com/portfolio/corporate-action-order-window.
    ◦ Login with your credentials, if requested for.

  2. Choose the company you wish to tender shares/ apply for buyback

    ◦ Mouse over the company name, whose shares you wish to tender for buyback.
    ◦ Click on the contextual menu that comes up (a blue bar with three white dots in it), and click “Place Order”.

  3. Enter the desired number of eligible shares you wish to tender for buyback

    ◦ In the next pop-up that comes up, enter the number of shares you wish to tender for buyback, and click “Submit”

  4. Done!

    ◦ You will see an “Order Received” message next to the company name.
    ◦ That is it. The buyback application/tendering process is now complete.


That is it. The tendering/buyback application process is now complete from your end. All you now need to do is to wait until the company (carrying out the buyback) completes the buyback process. Post the same, the investor will be informed of how many shares have been bought back by the company. Post the same, the unaccepted shares will be returned to the demat account of the investor, and the amount (for the accepted buyback shares) will be credited to the bank account mapped with Zerodha for the Equity trading account of Zerodha.

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All the best in your investment journey! Best wishes to you!


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